About Us

Schneider pool and spa is a professional in ground pool dealer in Troy, IL serving Edwardsville, IL and the surrounding areas. We at a small custom pool builder that provides quality at a fair price. Our claim to fame is service after the sale. We are known for timely and knowledgeable service and the best pool and spa products on the market.

From remodeling existing to building from scratch , we offer the craftsmanship, products, and services to meet your goals and budget.

Why I Put My Name Behind The Business

Schneider pool and spa is the original name of the business. I, Mike Schneider, believe in putting your name on anything that you do. Having my equipment, vehicles, or my house worked on, I’ve always preferred to hire a professional with his or her name on the business. It may be old fashioned, but it has always worked for me! It’s easy to change your company’s title if you have a poor reputation. It is much harder to change your name!